About Us

About David McCubbin and friends

We practise landscape architecture, art and writing. We  enjoy working with people from all walks of life, and share an enthusiasm for botany,  ecology and the living environment. Foremost, we are designers, with a background in fine arts and practical landscape design.  

We develop concept drawings for a diverse range of clients,  both public and private, and provide  imaginative solutions beyond the standardised frameworks of computers and autocad.    In this respect, we enjoy challenges, and as a consequence, our design solutions are constructed through imagination and observation. 

Our experience and depth of vision makes us different and non-standardised. We are proud of that.

Services include:

* Perspectives 

* artists' impressions

* Landscape design

* Urban design

* Public speaking

* Educational lectures & talks

Our Inspiration is Imagination.

...is all those living things and non living things which are anthropomorphic, and suggest alternate realities between design, artifice and imagination.  Hence the fascination for design, architecture and objects, that move both physically and emotionally to strike a chord somewhere deep within the human psyche. To become, a  fragment of tumuscent imagination distilled within my minds eye. And just good fun.